Bigg Boss Getting Out Of Control?


Bigg-Boss-Getting-Out-Of-ControlTelugu audience for the first time have been witnessing a reality show like Bigg Boss which is the first of its genre. Breaking all the barriers, Young Tiger NTR nailed it with his flawless hosting skills, which made the television show a memorable one for Star MAA.

The tv channel has been leading the list for the fourth consecutive week in TRPs ever since Bigg Boss started airing. NTR arrives on weekends and most of them watched the show during weekends as no named contestants have been in the house.

With the show getting terrific response, the organizers have been hunting for new ways, which can even bring up the TRPs. Bigg Boss has been a family show for four weeks and the recent incidents in the house sound like that the family crowds will stay away from the show in the coming weeks. Ever since Deeksha Panth and Navdeep entered the Bigg Boss house, the assigned tasks have been quite vulgar and the duo crossed the line several times.

Their weird comments and behaviour will sure leave the family audience uncomfortable to watch the show. Deeksha Panth’s thigh massage demand, Siva Balaji asked to wear a pink towel for his navel show, Prince molesting Deeksha, Navdeep calling Archana ‘Are you a Woman?’ are some among the weird acts that Telugu audience witnessed on the highly rated television show.

We have to wait and see how Tarak handles the show in the coming weeks after the dose of vulgarity came up by huge amounts. It’s high time for the makers to reconsider about the new path Bigg Boss has been taking as it turned into an ‘A’ rated.