My Biopic On Sridevi? That’s Foolish


For the kind of tweets he has come up within the last one week after Sridevi’s death news engulfed the nation, definitely, Ram Gopal Varma proved that he’s such an ardent fan of the legendary actress. And his open love letters, other pep talks about her are so intriguing.

Owing to all this talk, there are reports doing rounds everywhere that Ram Gopal Varma is now coming up with a special film on his heartthrob Sridevi. They said that he’s going to direct the first-ever biopic of the actress. However, the maverick director is quick enough to rubbish all such claims.

“Sections of media reporting I am making a biopic on Sridevi is untrue ..I believe it’s foolish to attempt also because there cannot be any actress who’s remotely worthy enough to play her” he tweeted a while ago, confirming that the news is utterly false.

Meanwhile, with Varma saying that he could find any actress who could really play Sridevi on the silver screen, it sounds pretty true. Maybe after becoming a popular actress, Jhanvi should reprise her mother’s role. Isn’t it?