Bipasha Basu to Pay 20 Lakhs or Be Taken Legal Action On


Bipasha-Basu-to-Pay-20-LakhWhatever the situation is, sometimes you need to go on with what you have agreed to do. Showing your back to the job and denying the duty is not welcomed anywhere. Sometimes, even one might need to face worst consequences for the same.

Same happened with the hot actress Bipasha Basu. She is being demanded to pay back the expenses of the contract that she signed for the London Fashion show where she didn’t show up and if not, legal action would be taken on her. Bipasha had signed for a show with the London Organizers and did not show up for the walk where she was supposed to be the show stopper. There was a lot of ruckuses created on the same on social media, blaming her for denying her duty for which Bipasha wrote an open letter in her defense.

Now the organizers have come up with a hit back on Bipasha asking her to pay 25,000 pounds that have been spent on her for the show (travel and other expenses) and in the case of not paying, they would take the issue legally with all the proofs that they possess against Bipasha.