Birthday parties not lucky for poor Anjali?


AnjaliAround a year ago, several private photographs of Tollywood’s homely beauty Anjali dancing with hotshot Tolly directors in her birthday party splashed on the internet. The photographs stunned hardcore Anjali fans to see her dancing at her top along with other merry makers who were visibly drunk.

Later, Anjali put an end to all the gossips as she rightly clarified that she wasn’t drunk that night and that all the revellers around were her close friends. Everyone has forgotten about the issue. Now, Anjali is back in wrong news again with a birthday party. Kollywood media has been reporting that Anjali slapped an attendant during the birthday party of Powerstar’s Komaram Puli director, SJ Suryah.

It was once again Anjali’s turn to clarify the rumors. The Dictator heroine stated that she did attend Suryah, her Tamil film Iraivi’s co-star’s birthday party recently, but that she didn’t slap anyone. Anjali also clarified about her frequent US visits saying that the US trips were only for shootings and that she is not seeing any NRI, as being reported.