Black Lady In The Hands Of Allu Sirish


Black-Lady-In-The-Hands-Of-SirishMega hero Allu Sirish started hosting Award Function event with a question that ‘Bollywood heroes host filmy events.. why shouldn’t we have that kind of culture here?  Allu Sirish has hosted Filmfare Award Function recently.  He has impressed everybody with his humour along with Ragini Dwivedi.. Vijay Devarakonda.

A comedy video was shown in Filmfare Award South Event.  YouTube sensation Viva Harsha interviews Sirish.. Vijay Devarakonda in the video.  He questions them what are their qualifications to host Filmfare Award event.  Entire video was fun.. and it has received appreciation from the audience.  Allu Sirish has revealed that it was his childhood wish to lift the black lady i.e., Filmfare award.

When his uncle Megastar Chiranjeevi brought Filmfare award home in his childhood,he had wished achieve the black lady one day in future.  As he couldn’t achieve the black lady, he has lifted Harsha who was wearing black saree.. and told that he has lifted black lady.  Allu Sirish has finally fulfilled his wish.. but don’t you think it seems like racist comedy ?