Blackmailers Of Abhiram Daggubati Nabbed


Police worked efficiently in arresting the blackmailers of Abhiram Daggubati, who stole his iPhone.

At a restaurant two years ago, few youths stole Abhiram’s iPhone and the youngster thought it is lost and kept silent.

But after the Sri Reddy controversy broke, they unlocked his phone and started blackmailing him that they will leak his intimate images and videos with the actress.

He got two e-mails from them confirming that they have the phone and some details.

Immediately, Abhiram informed this to his father, producer Suresh Babu and he gave a police complaint. Police laid a clever trap and arrested them for blackmailing Abhiram.

They have asked for a ransom of Rs.1.50 crores, it seems. Well, they wanted to settle their life by blackmailing but they failed to do so.

May be had they approached any hyper active media channels or Sri Reddy, herself, they might have had a good chance. In any case, when you want to earn money through wrong means you end up losing yourself!