Blockbuster break up in Bollywood


ranveer-singh-deepika-padukThere will be blockbusters in you might be surprised what is this blockbuster break up ? There is so much importance to the love stories.. break up stories in the media more than films in Bollywood. Half of the news revolve around these things. When a hero falls in love with a heroine, their love story becomes talk of the town. From then onwards.. everybody will be waiting for their break up !  If there is a small gap between them.. media cooks up scores of break up stories.  These stories will continue even after their break up. In a similar way.. Deepika Padukone – Ranveer Singh blockbuster love story is transforming into a break up story as per the Bollywood media.

Deepika as well as Ranveer have grown up in their career in the last few years.  Deepika, who was a Bollywood star heroine became a Hollywood range heroine now.. on the other hand, an ordinary hero Ranveer Singh became a star hero. Even though Ranveer has become a star hero, he did not reach the Deepika’s range.  Deepika almost stopped doing Hindi films and getting busier with Hollywood movies. In such a scenario she can not devote her time not even to her family.. forget about Ranveer. If she becomes busy in Hollywood she will reach the next level.. so she might not focus on personal aspects like love & marriage.  So.. it is tough to continue as a lover.. without spending time with the lover. That’s the reason why Deepika is breaking away from Ranveer.

Bollywood is not at all surprised at this break up.. because most of the love stories will not end up in wedlock.  We all know the story of Katrina – Ranbir couple in the past. But it has become interesting to see how Deepika – Ranveer would convey about their break up as they have openly expressed their love with lip locks in public. We can arrive at a conclusion of their break up after watching their chemistry during the promotions of ‘Padmavati’.