Blockbuster Yet No Pay – Fate Of US Local Distributors!


Generally, Exhibitors and Distributors will jump in joy whenever the film released through them hits the bull’s eye. Can you imagine Investors not getting the profit they deserve even after the film turned out to be a blockbuster?

Apparently, Several Local Distributors had acquired the rights of a Telugu Flick which released during Sankranthi period from a leading US Distribution House. Much to their shock, The Distribution House hadn’t made the payments to the Local Distributors even after months although the film became a blockbuster. Instead, That money which was meant to be distributed among the Local Distributors was invested on another flick which released recently. This Movie has performed decently at the US Box Office.

Local Distributors are clueless about the rightful share they have to receive after scoring the blockbuster. If the Distribution Houses indulge in such a practice, How could the small-time local distributors trust them and invest their hard-earned money in future? Such kind of unprofessionalism could ruin the whole system. Hope, Local Distributors get their share at least after the news was covered by the media.

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