Only Blood Transfusion, Everything Is Fine


Krishna-KumariWe do not know whether our media covers the news of yesteryear heroines out of respect or to make a good news item out of them.. but a senior lady has been upset with the latest news regarding her health.

It is known that old generation star heroine Krishna Kumari was in news for her ill health recently.  There were reports that Krishna Kumari is severely ill and she is suffering with cancer.  But Krishna Kumari(84) is saying that “Yes. I’m ill due to my age. I’m undergoing treatment now. Patelet count decreased in my blood.. so they have transfused blood into my body.  Nothing more than that.  I’m alright now.”

But the popular media house, which has reported the news is saying that they have published the news only after verifying her condition with the Apollo Hospital.. she is into the early stages of cancer.. that’s the reason why they have transfused blood.