BMW Is Mistaken As ‘Biyyaniki Dabbulu’


one-audio-launchApparently, lyricist Chandrabose has come out with a ‘single card’ this time for MaheshBabu’s ‘1 Nenokkadine’. All the five songs in the album are written by him. Especially one particular ‘London Babu’ song, a peppy item number, is now catching attention for its lyrics.

‘Na beauty pai British vaadu kannesadu… BMW istanantu maatesadu.. BMW (beee.emmm.dablu…) antey Biyyaniki Dabbulu anukuni vaddanna’ is how the lyric goes. The very thought of reading out B..M..W.. in that way is giving quite many laughs to listeners. ‘London Babu London Babu…’ is a mix of some naughty misspelt stuff written by lyricist Chandrabose. Also there are some known misunderstood lines in the song like ‘Excuse me’ and ‘Yes Kiss me’ that are popularized by Tollywood from years.

Tune composed by Devi Sri Prasad for this fast beat item-song is slowly creating an impact as youths are playing the song on a repeated mode on their MP3 devices. Sung by popular Tamil singer Priya Hemesh, London Babu song is a peppy item number, and we have to see how crazy this song turns in the coming days.