My Body, My rules: Radhika Apte


Radhika-ApteThese days actresses, whoever they might be, however talented they are, they are devoting their time to snub the trolls on social media. They have been choosing a rather raunchy looking dressing to the events and that’s been making people to comment on them. Unable to fathom such reactions, actresses are giving out some statements, in a bid to look tough. Radhika Apte, joins the other actresses too, now.

The skimpy actress is known for doing whatever it takes to do to portray her character better on screen. She has gone nude and did some intimate scenes as well. When they have gone viral, she blasted the media for asking questions regarding the scenes and asked them to grow up from being teenagers who oogle at woman’s body.

At a recent event, she decided to wear while dress that reveals too much of her cleavage. Also, it has a division to the front side exposing more skin than hiding it. She got slut shammed for that on social media and the actress reacted to it saying, “It’s my body and I can wear whatever I am comfortable with. A dress doesn’t make a person and when someone wants to look a certain way they flaunt what they have got. It’s my body and my rules, nobody gets a say in that.”