Bollywood Actor Wants Marijuana To be Legalized


Bollywood actors are always first to make bold comments. Now, the latest actor to join the list is Uday Chopra who was popular for his characters in Dhoom series. Lately, this Bollywood actor made comments stating that Indian should legalize marijuana. The actor who was inactive in the movie is suddenly receiving attention for his comments.

Taking to his Twitter profile, he posted, “I feel India should legalize marijuana. Firstly, It’s part of our culture. Secondly, I think if legalized and taxed it can be a huge revenue source. Not to mention it will remove the criminal element associated with it. Plus and most importantly it has a lot of medical benefits! And no I do not use it. I just really think it’s a wise move, given our history with the plant.”

His tweet opened to both positive and negative criticism. A lot of followers opened to different questions about his opinion and Uday answered them patiently. Uday tried to educate about the benefits of marijuana by saying, “The benefits are too many to list. A brief google search will educate you I’m sure. Anyway, it’s better than being schooled by people like me who have no work.”

Uday also said that Bhaang which is similar to marijuana is used in Holi and added that sadhus smoke it in emulation of Shiva. “Well in Holi, Bhaang (which is similar to marijuana) has been used for centuries. Also during Mahashivratri, many sadhus smoke it in emulation of Shiva. Guess more religion than culture but the two are kind of inter-related.”

On a bottom note, Uday also educated his followers that coffee is a drug. “Just to give you some perspective…coffee is also a drug!” tweeted Uday.