Bommarillu Bhaskar Looks To Make A Children’s Film!


Bommarillu-BhaskarBommarillu has become the cult classic in Telugu Films because of the simple structure and good narration that it followed to bring out the frustration of a son who has a too ‘loving’ and ‘caring’ father. His father means world to him but still he wants his own world to have his own decisions. That struggle has been brought out really well with some hypothetical situations and director of the film looked like going places.

But director, Bommarillu Bhaskar ended up piling up on failures after his second film, Parugu. He made Orange with Ram Charan and that movie ended his flourishing career like no one. Even though he tried to make a comeback with Ram’s Ongole Githa and Bangalore Days, remake failed to get any good response.

Right now, he showed up at Hyderabad Children’s film festival and said, “I always attend Children’s film festivals wherever they happen in our Country. I love to be a part of these because we can learn a lot. I have a good story that needs to be told with children has main protagonists and I will surely make it sometime in future. Before that I am writing story for my next one and will announce details soon. I thought at least from Hyderabad many people would be attending this film festival, so low response from Industry saddens me.”