Boring Baahubali On Small Screen


Baahubali-posterJust after the grand 100-day run in the cinemas in Telugu states and in Chennai, Karnataka and Kerala, India’s biggest motion picture Baahubali had it’s first ever Telugu TV premiere on MAA TV last night. A majority of fans and families were highly excited to watch this visual wonder and enjoy their weekend. However, many of them are complaining about the way the film was premiered.

It is well known that MAA TV purchased the satellite rights of Baahubali for nearly 25 crores. In order to get back its investment, the TV channel aired numerous ads at frequent intervals, causing huge discomfort to the viewers who took to social media to express their dissent. The nearly 3-hour long film, which was aired at 6 pm, was completed around 11 pm, with nearly 2 hours gone into commercials.

Apparently, even the ad slots were priced several times higher than the normal rates to cash in on the Baahubali craze, but the companies did not think twice to promote their brands when the country’s biggest blockbuster was being shown. However, the only saving grace was SS Rajamouli’s tidbits and trivia behind the making of his epic wonder.