Both Are My Kids, Not Pawan Kalyan’s: Renu Desai


renu-desai-akira-aaradhyaAfter Renu Desai posted a tweet about her Son Akira Nandan (who said – everything isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about participating), Fans of Pawan Kalyan expressed the opinion the kids have inherited such good qualities from their Father.

Renu Desai has reacted very seriously on it – ‘All of them who say ‘his’ kids r born frm their father’s **** not their mother’s womb! Both are my kids & will remain so’.

When a Fan advised her to go back to Pawan, The Former Actress clarified she’s single right now and questioned to which ‘husband’ should she go back to (hinting that the Mega Hero is living with his third wife and they have a daughter as well).

Renu’s Friend Sonali supported her saying, “His kids???? They are Renu’s kids!!! she is raising them all alone last five yrs! she gave birth to them, not ‘him’!!! She has stopped ‘bothering’ about him the day he got married! she respects the fact that he has a wife & daughter!”