Boy & Girl Argue Over Dog Sex In Front Of RGV


Argue-Over-Dog-Sex-In-FrontAn interaction of Boys and Girls on XXX in the presence of Ram Gopal Varma led to the debate on ‘Sex with Dog’.

When a Guy asked RGV what could they do if Girls turns Playgirls, The Females in the TV Studio asked him to explain what does he mean by that. Then, He said a Playgirl means the one who flirts with many boys and the one who have sex with so many guys. He didn’t hesitate to say the same theory applies for Playboys as well.

Quickly, A Girl stood up to say she had a break-up and married an another guy. ‘Does that make Me a Playgirl? Nobody have the right to label any girl or a boy. It is my choice to do whatever I want to do. There is no gender here…just because you have something extra, I have something extra in my body. I could give birth as well, but you can’t’.

Then the Guy replied, ‘I can give the software for you to give the birth’.

The Girl said, ‘Even Dog sperm can give birth to human child’.

When the Guy suggested her to marry a dog instead of human then. The Girl shot back, ‘If given an option to choose among You and a Dog, I would surely prefer a Dog’.