Boyapati And Few Ram Charan Fans Trolling Baahubali Now!


Boyapati Srinu developed a reputation for melodramatic scenes and huge fight sequences that don’t adhere to physics and science but follow mass commercial formula rule books to the core.

So, he gets trolled and grilled for his movies on social media every other day. Prior to release, Vinaya Vidheya Rama became his most trolled film with just promos.

Now, post release, the trolls have scaled unprecedented heights. As he established himself as a brand, he has some die-hard fans too.

They started counter-trolling Baahubali and said that if people can accept Baahubali fights where people jump using trees as launchpads, then why can’t their director show things that he did.

Even Ram Charan fans decided to join them and counter in the same way. Well, Baahubali-2 is a fantasy film and even Rajamouli agreed that he wanted something big to be shown during the climax and did what they felt right for the genre.

Suspension of disbelief in a film depends on the genre too. We can’t show a snake growing 500 feet in a social film without proper set-up. Anyways, fan wars seem to be exposing how directors need to care for logic in films, if they do so, that will be a welcome change.

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