Boyapati Brand, Hot Cake!


Boyapati-Sreenu-Eyes-On-JulyDirector Boyapati Srinu mastered the skill of presenting extreme heroism and new fangled commerciality in his films. Directing Balakrishna couple of times and hitting the bull’s eye both times is alone possible to Boyapati. After Sarrainodu, in fact his craze touched a new high and his current project in Miryala Ravinder Reddy production with Bellamkonda Srinivas as hero is also making positive buzz from day one.

Latest we heard is makers are planning to unveil title logo posters in next few days to kick start the first league promotions. Entire shooting is said to have been wrapped up yesterday and post production works progressing in parallel. To all our known information, Sreenivas underwent a stylish transformation in the hands of Boyapati and is betting big for a commercial breakthrough with this flick.

Much earlier before the title is announced and exact content in the movie is revealed, we are hearing on Miryala Ravinder Reddy is holding talks with buyers in various regions of two Telugu states and some unbelievably shocking prices are on the cards. Brand Boyapati is the reason behind such pre release buzz and whatever the early trade calls producer is receiving should be credited solely to the director. Let’s wait for more details in next few days.