Boyapati Expectations on Balayya Legend


Boyapati-Srinu-LegendOne movie can change the fate of anyone in the Industry. The unknown can became a star and star can loose his shine overnight. Same happened in the case of Director boyapti.

With his energetic and emotional way of direction he has given a blockbuster hit to hero balakrishna after a long gap. This made him a star director and cine folks joined him in the club of star directors. But thing have been changed once his movie dammu released, people in industry says that because of dammu flop, he has missed a chance to direct prince Mahesh.

To turn it off and get back to the path, boyapati is trying hard for his upcoming film Legend. As the Balakrishna in the lead role, he wants to repeat the history of simha and restore his image. Sources said that, to regain his star director status boyapati is working hard on the sets to make the film a block buster. Lets wait whether he repeats the magic of simha with balayya.