Bruce Lee Censor Talk: Length Is its’s Weapon


Bruce-Lee-CensorAs we reported earlier, October 16th release “Bruce Lee” finished its Censor formalities today after a special show is screened for the Board members today noon. So, what’s the result?

Reports have arrived that “Bruce Lee” is being awarded an U/A certificate with couple of cuts. Also the biggest asset of this movie is going to be the length of the movie. Censor Board has certified 146 minutes of runtime for the film. Earlier Sreenu Vytla has received the biggest flak of his life with “Aagadu”, where runtime of 165 minutes is considered to be one of the biggest minuses of the film.  Many movies like “Kick2” and “Shivam” most recently are flops due to their unbearable run time and chopping of some scenes post release haven’t’ helped much.

Taking care of the length issue, Sreenu Vytla has made sure that 2 hours 26 minutes will wrap up “Bruce Lee” on silver screen. That’s really a bearable time for audiences and there will be no scope for lags and slow-downs in the content too at such time.

We have to say length is going to be Bruce Lee’s weapon in case Sreenu Vaitla stuffed all ingredients properly and perfectly.