Bruna’s Fitting Replies To The Trollers


Thanks to social media, even the haters also got a platform to throw some nasty comments. Bruna Abdullah also faced criticism for her glamour show. The actress never hesitates to flaunt her beauty and shares some of the sensuous pictures on social media. She is not only one of the hottest ladies in Bollywood but also is a beauty with brains.

She recently answered wittily to some nasty comments which is a proof of that statement. When a follower asked if she ever had a threesome, she wisely replied if he meant a group of three people engaged in an activity, then she always had lunch with her besties.

Another troller tried to make her more uncomfortable by asking her cup size but the beauty gave a classy reply saying that she asks for tall cups in Star Bucks. The other one asked if she was a virgin, she commented that she was a Scorpio. Well, not only her beauty but Bruna’s witty brain is also amazing. Isn’t it?