Bunny: Bad Time At Peaks!


Allu-Arjun-and-Kamal-HaasanSitting with crossed legs is a posture we have learned from British.  When sit in that posture we feel like it is a royal pose.  Our Stylish Star Allu Arjun has given similar pose.  That’s it.. hungama started in social media.  He is getting trolled by netizens for his pose.

Ram Charan and Allu Arjun has bought a Pro-Kabaddi team Tamil Thalaivas recently.  They have roped in Kamal Haasan as a brand ambassador for their team.  The launching event of this team has been held in Chennai yesterday.  When legendary Kamal Haasan.. Ram Charan were sitting normally on the stage, Bunny sat with crossed legs stylishly.   Tamil fans upset with his pose. They have trolled Bunny saying that.. when a legend like Kamal is sitting normally.. how an Bunny show attitude in front of him?

Bunny would not have thought about all these things when he sat in that posture.  But he has to take care of even mintue things in the public places. Whatever Bunny is doing, it is turning out to be controversy..  It seems controversy is following Bunny like NTR followed Rakul singing ‘I wanna follow follow you’ in Nannku Prematho.