Bunny Continues Blockbuster Sentiment


Bunny-Continues-Blockbuster As everybody knows, film industry is care of address for several sentiments. Even Stylish Star Allu Arjun is not an exception.  But Bunny’s sentiment is something different.  Bunny feels that there should be a song in the album which talks about the box office success.

It is known that Bunny’s last film ‘Sarrainodu’ has a chartbeser ‘Blockbuster.. blockbustere’ scored by Thaman.  ‘Blockbuster’ word is used particularly for the exceptional success of a film.  Similarly Bunny said to have asked Devi to come up with an energetic song which consists of a word which talks about box office success.  So he came up with ‘Box Baddalaipoye’ song.  Needless to say Devi delivered a foot tapping tune.

Blockbuster song has a signature step with the hand movement,  Box Baddalaipoye will have similar signature step with the leg movement.  We have to wait and see this blockbuster sentiment will work for DJ or not.