Bunny Said NO To A Political Script


Star producer Dil Raju who scored a double hattrick last year is struggling to get a decent hit in 2018. After his movie ‘Lovers’ got tanked at the box office, he made so many big promises with ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’ movie. The film recently hit the theatres and became a flop. Though Dil Raju tried to cover that up by saying that the movie is not a flop, it merely collected 11 crores whereas it got sold for 27 crores. Dil Raju who has a political script in his hand titled as ‘Sabhaku Namaskaram’ is in search of a hero.

As per the reports, he initially wanted to rope in Natural Star Nani to play the lead. But as Allu Arjun hasn’t signed any project after ‘Naa Peru Surya’ he sent the writer to narrate the script to Bunny. After listening to the script, the stylish star stated that the script won’t suit him and politely rejected the offer.

The script came back to the Dil Raju again who has now to decide whether to go with his previous option or search for another Hero. Also after two back to back, the star heroes might change their decisions.