Bunny’s Role In Tax Exemption For Rudhramadevi


Gona-Ganna-Reddy(1)After facing several financial hardships all through the 3 years of Rudhramadevi’s making, Gunasekhar was in for a huge relief just a day before the film’s release in the form of tax exemption from the Telangana CM KCR. Gunasekhar even arranged a press meet to publicly thank KCR for supporting him in difficult times.

While many rightly thought that KCR gave tax exemption because Rudhramadevi’s story will be showcasing the Kakatiya warrior queen’s legacy in a grand way, maverick director Rajamouli revealed the real reason behind the film getting tax exemption.

Tweeting about Allu Arjun, the man behind the tax exemption, Rajamouli said, “Heard that it was again Bunny who was Instrumental in getting the tax exemption.And he excelled on screen.A hero on screen and also off it.Respect Gannareddy.err..Gona Gannareddy.”

Praising Bunny’s role on and off the screen, Rajamouli also said, “Gona Gannareddy all the way. When the film was almost stalled, bunny’s entry into the cast revived it.”

No doubt that Allu Arjun emerged as a silent hero with his magnanimity to show his support for a prestigious film.