Businessman Harassed Star Heroine In Vijayawada!


Businessman-Harassed-Star-HShe is a popular star heroine who acted in 2017’s biggest blockbuster film. She has been invited for a new year party in Vijayawada and she readily agreed. As promised, she appeared at the special event on December 31st. Known for her dance moves, she sizzled on the dance floor and enthralled the crowds at the party which saw attendance of several big wigs of Amaravati including top businessmen and leading politicians. All went well and the party ended on bright note. But what followed next is something shocking, embarrassing that no one expected.

After party, a local businessman (who is very popular in his circles) followed the diva till her hotel. Apparently, the milky siren got scared and went to her hotel room and locked her door. The said businessman who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol followed up to her room in the hotel and did a huge ruckus inside hotel demanding to meet him and pose with him for selfies.

Despite several attempts by hotel staff, the said businessman didn’t pay heed to their requests and continued to do nonsense in the hotel. It is learnt that the situation was totally out of control and almost a fight broke between hotel staff and said businessman. Apparently, this whole drama lasted till late night.

With things going overboard, even cops were informed of the incident. In between, finally, the family members of the businessman came to his rescue and convinced him and took him away. The hotel staff and the star heroine have heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Finally, the star heroine has rushed to airport in the early hours from the back door of the hotel escaping from the attention of locals. Apparently, the heroine’s family who came to know about the incident later was shell-shocked and was highly angry about the incident. It is learnt that the star heroine has decided not to be part of any more such new year party events here after.

After all, safety and security matters most than money! What do you say folks? And it is business as usual for the naughty businessman as no formal complaint was registered.