Buzz: The Scale Of Baahubali


BahubaliAll these days we are watching Hollywood movies in awe and wonder because their scale is big. When you watch an English epic drama or a science-fiction movie on silver screen, that feeling is larger than life and we travel in that world for those two hours. The sole purpose of making “Baahubali” seems to be this.

“From childhood I used to think about such a large scale entertainment on giant screens. That presents a larger than life look and creates those hair-rising feelings for viewers before taking them to a new world”, says Rajamouli, who always dreamt of carving out a big epic drama. He points out that the scale of Baahubali is quite enormous. “If it’s a king’s palace, then its height is more than that of Eiffel tower. A waterfall is three kilometres wide and a war will comprise of one lakh soldiers. That’s the scale of Baahubali”, Rajamouli stresses. That’s mind blowing to hear.

On a whole, if Rajamouli could satisfy that hunger of India giving answer to Hollywood, surely his name will be written with golden words in history of Indian cinema. Let “Baahubali: The Beginning” speak for itself. Trailer of the flick releases tomorrow by 10.30 am in theatres.