BVS Ravi’s Rib Tickling Humor For Vamsy


BVS-RAVIWhen you watch a comedy flick and enjoy it, you tend to give the maximum credit for the hero who has done it and the director who has helmed it. But in reality, it is neither of them. A major part of the credit should be given to the writer who actually pens those witty dialogues which bring us smiles.

Tollywood is blessed to have an abundance of such talented dialogue writers and here is one such person. He is none other than BVS Ravi and inside news reveals he is penning some really funny dialogues for the new movie Fashion Designer-Son Of Ladies Tailor. This is being helmed by the senior director Vamsy.

Incidentally, Vamsy shot to fame many years ago with the movie Ladies Tailor which became a cult hit. And now he is coming up with an extension of sorts with this new project. BVS Ravi is well known for his ability to come up with some powerful dialogues so now it is time for us to experience humor from his words.