They Are Calling Akshay A Cartoon in 2.0


Akshay Kumar took over the action man avatar in 90’s, then, a funny man in 2000’s and now, a desh bhakt in 2010’s. In a way, he is filling the gap of Manoj Kumar in Hindi Cinema.

But all that good will seems to be fading away slowly, has he got too one dimensional with his movies and people are expecting more from him.

Either he is a funny man or a funny man who is taking up a serious problem. He hasn’t been trying hard enough to change that image and if there is any potential or promise that, he will be seen differently, immediately the expectations are going up.

Recently, teaser of 2.0, with temporary graphics leaked becayse one VFX Artist, thought it would be cool to show off their work at a private event. Still, the teaser leaked good amount of information regarding the look and character of Akshay Kumar.

As Rajnikanth is reprising his 2.0 avatar and Chitti with Vashigaran from Enthiran/Robo, people from Bollywood media, are more looking for Akshay’s transformation as a big villain.

They all felt the look is a caricature and too cartoonish from him to be taken seriously as a villain. The ambition of VFX and vision might be great, but the look needed to be menacing, they are saying.

Well, the expectations are seriously sky high on this film and with the kind of stakes are hanging on the film, if Akshay Kumar’s look or his performance doesn’t pull in Hindi audience to cinema halls, it depends on Rajnikanth to pull off a miracle in South Indian markets to make all the money back!