Can Babu Sustain Baahubali Tsunami?


Babu-Baga-BusyAlmost all of the scheduled films in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam industries have got postponed after witnessing the Tsunami called ‘Baahubali 2’. The only film to dare release at a time when Baahubali is creating mayhem at bx office is ‘Babu Baga Busy’.

Even before the release of Baahubali 2, makers of Srinivas Avasarala’s ‘Babu Baga Busy’ have announced their film’s release date as May 5. They didn’t change the date even after Baahubali opened to earth shattering collections and tremendous word of mouth.

Makers of Babu Baga Busy is of the opinion that there is no alternative film for Baahubali 2 at the moment and that they can cash in on that factor.

Babu Baga Busy may be the only alternative to the ones who have already watched Baahubali 2 or the ones who couldn’t get tickets for Rajamouli’s masterpiece

Moreover, the film is an adult comedy and a section of audiences might be waiting for this film. The curiosity generating posters and titillating promos have promised an entertaining ride. Let’s see how this adult Babu can withstand the storm of Baahubali 2.