Can we believe all the celebrity hype for Ninnu Kori?


Ninnu-Kori-Movie-TalkNani, the Natural Star of Telugu Cinema is in top form at the box office and his previous six releases have been hits. So, the makers did not promote his latest release, Ninnu Kori, much and many are seeing it as a negative for the movie. Also, Industry insiders are wondering if the movie can impress all sections of audience as it looks too heavy and only multiplex audience are known to be impressed by such films.

Now, several celebrities like young hero, Rana Daggubati, Manchu Manoj have appreciated the movie as a romantic classic and praised the actors for giving great performances. Apparently, both of them watched the premiere of the movie last night. Even Manchu Lakshmi too shared similar kind of praise for the movie and we are a bit alarmed by that. Recently, such praise by young heroes for other hero films have increased and we are unable to know if they are genuinely praising the movie and just promoting it for their friends.

If you remember, Manchu Lakshmi’s film Gundello Godavari is praised so much that few people said, the actress should win an oscar for her performance. But the movie flopped at the box office. We do know that these premiere shows are mainly used for promotions and we can’t completely their word too. Let’s see what the young director, Shiva Nirvana delivered on screen, tomorrow!