Can big heroes solve this issue?


Theater-In-HyderabadTamil Cinema market is largest in South India after Telugu. It has a maximum reach in Overseas with many Tamil people settling down in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and few pockets of Europe. But they don’t have a solid market like Telugu does with North America. Still, as it is the Big Daddy and first South Cinema Industry, from which all other languages have blossomed it is considered as the biggest and popular market in India after Hindi language, cinema.

Somehow, the government of Tamil Nadu has decided to kill that reputation by imposing municipal tax on prevailing GST. This has angered many exhibitors, distributors and even producers have talked in favour of them asking the government to withdraw all additional taxes other than GST. Few are even demanding for the Government to go and talk to central government to reduce GST on entertainment business. As the tickets increase to 200 and above, audience are preferring to stay home and encourage already very strong piracy.

As Government is not ready to heed to the demands of the exhibitors, they have decided to not show any movies and shut down their theatres. This has shown effect on new releases and manu scheduled releases had to postpone. All the senior membes of the Industry, asked the Government to re-consider but they are not listening to the protestors.

As the Diwali season, the big movie release time in Tamil Nadu is here, many distributors and fans of the actors are worried if the collections are going to get affected? And also, if the movies will release smoothly or not. Vijay’s Mersal and Shashi Kumar’s Kodi Veeran are getting ready to release but few theatre owners have announced that they will not flinch an eye-lid even for a second to boycott even the big hero’s film. We have to wait and see, if a political solution will arise from this impasse at least before 19th October, the release date of the Diwali films.