Can you find the difference?


If you watch clearly in the picture, you find two Vikrams, a younger one and a slightly older one. It feels like a VFX bonanza of Marvel movies or a Shankar film, that the makers wanted to take the actor to his younger years and present another brilliant performance of his.

Well, that’s not the case here. The difference in the pic is that we’re watching Vikram with his son Dhruv. See how identical they look and can you believe Vikram has a son of that age? No, right that’s the greatness of Nature and Vikram. Just like Akkineni Nagarjuna, he maintained himself well and we would love to see him act with his son soon.

All the arrangements are being made for Dhruv to act in his first movie. Vikram himself is overlooking everything and soon he will make an announcement as per the insiders. Dhruv, already completed his training in acting and direction.VIKRAM--Can-you-find-the-difference-