I Can Go Hot, But No Navel Show!


Actress-lands-in-prostitutiA leading starlet of our times is currently on the verge of retiring, not because she’s done with film career but actually she wants to start a new life. And that is leading to many unwritten agreements happening.

With her personal life getting ready to take a new turn, this starlet is heard throwing her new demand to the makers of her latest movie. Though she was supposed to work with this big star for some time, finally it happened after years. An update is that our heroine has laid a condition related to her glamour quotient that will be spilt on the screen.

“As long as you want me to wear figure hugging outfits, I could manage to look hot in them. But there is no question of anything like navel show for songs and scenes” the actress has reportedly told the makers. Director of this film is however known for showing his heroines pretty hotter with some aesthetic sense attached. And the rule of our heroine is not going to affect his vision, say sources.

As the role of this beauty requires pretty much acting talent, the makers have obliged for all the conditions she has laid. Even if she didn’t lay these conditions, that film will not require her to go glamorous, that’s the bottom line.