Can Mehbooba Survive In This Storm?


Puri Jagannath who was struggling with back to back flop movies is all set to release his upcoming movie Mehbooba. It is really a special film for him because the movie is going to introduced his son Akash as a hero into the Tollywood. The movie is gearing up to hit the screens on May 11th.

However, the date might not seem to work out well for the movie Puri. Actually, he thought well and planned the release of Mehbooba after all the big movies. Though he knows about Mahanati release on May 9th, he might have thought that even though the movie becomes a hit, its success won’t show much impact on Mehbooba. But the biopic of Savitri is creating sensations at the box office. The movie bagged 3 lakh dollars with the US premieres which is a proof of the immense craze for the film. Based on the positive talk, the movie is getting the unanimous blockbuster talk and the maker are also planning to increase the screens and shows by the weekend.

This will definitely go to show a bad impact on Mehbooba. Mahanati wall stands as the first choice of the audience. There is no way that Mehbooba will become a hit at the US box office. Even though the buyers release the movie in America, the results of the movie might not be that satisfactory.