Can Sai Pallavi pull off Telangana accent?


Sai-PallaviTelangana accent and language are not easy to master and many of the locals also are not completely fluent with variations. There is a lot of difference between Warangal accent to Medak’s village accent to that of Adilabad’s traditional accent. In the latest movie, Fidaa Sekhar Kammula decided to use all the accents for his characters and Sai Pallavi is dubbing for the movie in her own voice.

So, many are interested to know if the actress can pull off such thick accents with variations in the movie. In films, you can’t let the effort you put in to speak the language to show off when you’re playing the character that belongs to a certain area. The accent and words have to flow naturally and that’s the reason most of the other language actors are lend voice by dubbing artists in our movies.

But when an actress takes up that challenge how far can they succeed decides the fate of the movie and for, Fidaa to work, which is said to be a love story of a Telangana girl and a NRI, Sai Pallavi’s dubbing is also a major aspect. So, her fans who love her as Malar from Premam are eagerly waiting for this movie.