Can #SriDevi300 be equated to #Chiru150?


MomThere is no denial that Sri Devi is the glamorous queen and great actress of the previous generation. She lightened up the screen with her charm and undeniably great acting. But her popularity can be equated to that of Chiranjeevi?

Well, it is not about the man and woman discrimination but any women centric story did not manage to be such a huge hit that an actor’s film proved to be and hoping that a serious film can have equal hype to that of a commercial entertainer seems to be a drag. Well, actresses do have loyal fans and for likes of Sri Devi there are devotees and we can’t deny her popularity in any case. But it is like equating a small scale industry to a Reliance industry when it comes to this case!

Apparently, Sri Devi has been asking her PR team to increase the buzz on her new release Mom. She asked them that the movie should get hype on par with Chiru150. Chiranjeevi did not release a movie for a decade and Sri Devi has done a movie with English Vinglish four years back as her comeback. So just be is it’s a record to complete 300 movies for an actress can that movie achieve hype on par with Khaidi No 150?