Can Vijay Become The Next Superstar?


In Telugu Cinema, ANR became the first star hero as his fan following and image grew bigger and bigger with each film. After NTR’s entry, he concentrated on social entertainers and both continued to be demi-gods of masses.

After them, Krishna could achieve such stardom and in his prime, he could even challenge them. Krishnam Raju and Shobhan Babu had good following based on the films they delivered.

They did not enjoy such huge stardom like NTR, ANR and Krishna but they had their box office hits. After them, Chiranjeevi enjoyed such huge following. Balakrishna and Nagarjuna could enjoy such following but Chiranjeevi managed to top them without any doubt.

Now, Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu have such following. They can guarantee an opening, a huge reception if the movje is good and a hope to smash records if the film has an universal appeal. Prabhas seems to be knocking on the door of such huge stardom after Baahubali films, but he needs to deliver another big blockbuster to cement his place.

Jr. NTR and Allu Arjun have huge fan following and market but disasters do effect their market but Pawan, Mahesh crossed that barrier. Now, Vijay seems to be building on a momentum to become such star.

He is able to command an opening, at least the early bookings of NOTA give us such impression. His popularity is definitely increasing. Mahesh and Pawan had to deliver career defining hits to sustain and reach to the place they are now!

Can Vijay sustain the momentum and become a star like Mahesh or Pawan? We have to wait and see, how his films will fare now at the box office! One star director film can just cement his place among the Industry!

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