Case Filed Against NTR Bigg Boss


Case-Filed-Against-NTR-BiggTelugu version of Bigg Boss hosted by NTR has become a huge success. No other Television Show had amassed such TRPs on a consistent basis so far. The success of this reality show even made Star MAA No.1 Telugu Entertainment Channel again.

During the course of the show, Contestants were made to face various punishments. Few days ago, Hero Prince was asked to take 50 dips in a swimming pool for failing to make Mumaith Khan speak only in Telugu while being a Captain. On the other hand, A plaster was sticked to Mumaith’s Mouth to ensure she doesn’t speak just because of violation of ‘Telugu Language’ rule repeatedly.

A Petition is being moved by a Gentleman with the Human Rights Commission (HRC) finding fault with the punishments offered by Bigg Boss Team. ‘Nobody is punishable unless court convicts him/her. Then, how could Bigg Boss punish contestants? It comes under violation of Human Rights. Such a practice would influence younger generation in a wrong way. So, Action must be taken against Bigg Boss,’ says the Petitioner

This Petition would come up for hearing on Monday. Will HRC serve notices to Bigg Boss Team over this issue?