Casting an actress is no joke!


Unknown-WomanWe always see one or two actresses being introduced in every other film these days. Some go beyond one film and get  more offers. Many others end up doing that one film and disappear due to various reasons. How do makers find these actresses? What is the process of selecting them?

The casting directors and makers are always on look out for fresh faces for their movies and they look out all possible avenue where they can find them. Be it serials, college fests, modelling agencies, they look for new profiles and actresses every where. Aado Rakam Eedo Rakam fame, Sonarika Bhadoria, got chances after debuting as Parvathi in Devon ka Dev Mahadev teleserial. Avika Gor before getting a chance in Uyyala Jampala was popular as Balika Vadhu. Bhargavi, Sri Divya also got noticed through telugu serials.

Along with serials of different languages, modelling agencies are most popular avenues of introducing fresh faces. Mehreen Kaur, Seerat Kapoor, Hebah Patel are selected from the many profiles that the agencies sent to casting directors. Also, actresses are selected by looking at them in ad films as well. Preeti Zinta, Yami Gautam got chances after creating mini sensations through their ad films.

Even Social media has become a place for finding the potential actresses. Indraganti Mohan Krishna found Eesha Rebba through Facebook. With Youtube becoming largely available video streaming service, many short films have become the avenues for finding fresh faces too. Ritu Varma, Chadini Chowdary, Poojitha Ponnada and many other actresses found their way into big films after starting our in humble small films.

Newspapers, common friends functions, marriages, pubs are also places for finding actresses. Aarti Agarwal was found by Suresh Babu after watching her photo in a newspaper ad. Riya Chakraborthy, Catherine Teresa, Hamsa Nandini and Richa Panai were found in the same fashion. This is how casting agencies and directors work 24/7 to find a good looking face who can become an actress.