Casting Couch is a personal Choice says Gautami!


GautamiGautami is known as one of the boldest and beautiful heroines of South Cinema even in her hay days. The actress recently created a sensation when she announced her separation from her partner, Kamal Haasan after 13 years of live-in relationship.

Now, again she made some controversial comments in one of her interviews. Gautami said, ” In life only commitment is the core of any relationship and there is nothing like pro-tradition and anti-tradition. You cannot generalise it that way. Along with marriage, Teacher-Student, Sister – Brother, Parents – Children, co-workers every relationship is decided by your commitment and the tags to such relationship doesn’t matter to me much. You can call it live-in, marriage or anything but when there is no commitment then there is no relationship.”

She also had an interesting take on Casting Couch that has been the peak discussion point in Industry due to incidents like Suchi Leaks. Actress said, ” Casting Couch is everywhere and not just in Film Industry. To attain a certain goal, people tend to do certain things and they give up their standards as well. That is their personal choice if they can live with such decisions and we can’t judge a person on the basis of such actions.”