Censor Board chops that Clip in Calendar Girls Trailer


Censor-Board-chops-Nude-Clip-in-this-Trailer-155Acclaimed filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar’s next ‘Calendar Girls’ is already raising lot of curiosity among film buffs as it based on the dark secrets of the modeling Industry. The first look poster of the movie featuring five super models who were flaunting washboard abs in two-piece bikinis have set the expectations high on this project.

Usually, Such films work at the Box Office for bold and controversial content. ‘Calendar Girls’ seems to be having that in plenty to make a moolah after the release.

Close sources to Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) revealed the theatrical trailer of ‘Calendar Girls’ submitted for certification prior to release has a nude clip. Censor Members have raised objection to the shot of a nude woman in the promo and the makers had to chop it off to obtain an ‘U/A’ Certificate.

An ‘U/A’ Certificate has got its own disadvantages. It can’t be screened on Television and can to attached to films which fall in the same category.