Censor Board Green Signals ‘Cuss Words’!


Censor-Board-Green-SignalsIn February early this year, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) under the leadership of its Chairman Pahlaj Nihalani, chalked out a list of cuss words that are banned in Indian films. This move of moral policing created a huge mess where filmmakers and free thinkers who vouch for freedom of expression have come down on CBFC’s fascist rules.

Yesterday, the CBFC’s Central Board meet again and the board members have decided against the ongoing ban. With this, the chairman Pahlaj Nihalani has decided to revoke the ban and even informed all the regional censor officers. This decision has come in as a huge relief to all the filmmakers.

Some of the banned Telugu cuss words include Bongu, Bokka, Nee Amma, VP, Chetha Na Kodaka, Nayala, Mushti Nayala, Chillara Nayala, Gadida Kodaka etc. Apart from these, the censor board also decided to be strict with filmmakers who resort to the use of double entendres and objectifying language.