Censor Board Shocked By $ex Tape


Sex tapes are quite common for our media houses to showcase them on channels during prime time, albeit the main acts blurred. India’s Censor Board is however adamant to grant permission to play a similar sex tape to be screened on 70 mm screens. Find out why!

A Hollywood comedy flick ‘Sex Tape’ that features popular Charlie’s Angels beauty Cameron Diaz in the lead will not get a chance to be played on silver screens across India. With loads of Cameron and hero Jason Segel’s frontal and posterior nudity taking the most of the movie, Censor Board’s examining committee and revision committee made it clear indirectly that there is no question of this film’s release in the country. This isn’t America to release such a nude-film on screens as sensibilities in this land are quite opposite and skin show is conservative.

Sex Tape is a comedy that deals with a couple who accidentally upload their own sex-tape onto some iPads which they have gifted to their friends and relatives on Christmas Eve. Neither the flick is culturally sensitive nor did it get any social message, for which Indian Censor Board will never allow the release.