Censor is working..So ‘ATM Working’


ATM-WorkingWe feel that our film makers are rocking with the movie content and titles these days.. but surprising  thing is censor board is also playing their part in the hungama. Sometimes the censor members go overboard that everybody will be surprised what actually they are doing. Here is a classic example of Censor Board’s response on a title.

Director Sunil Kumar Reddy who made films like ‘Ganga Putrulu’, ‘Oka Romantic Crime Katha’ is coming up with a new movie ‘ATM Not Working’. If we watch the posters of the film, we will be reminded of a news from the recent past. Security guards at some ATMs rented the ATMs to couples for romance by charging them 200 for half an hour.  Those video clippings still doing rounds in the social networking sites like WhatsApp.  Keeping aside all these things… Censor Board asked the film makrers to change the title to ‘ATM Working’ as the title appears to be questioning the government. So the film makers struck off ‘not’ in the title creatively.

In fact, most of the ATMs still not working after the demonetization.. Even if they are working.. money is not coming from them. In such a situation, no one can make an issue out of this title… except our Censor Board !