Chalapathi Rao is like God for Me : Apoorva


ApoorvaCharacter Artist Apoorva got emotional upon hearing demands like Chalapathi Rao should be ousted from Film Industry for making disrespectful comment on Women at ‘Ra Randoi Veduka Chudham’ audio launch.

Apoorva: ‘Chalapathi Rao babai is a good person. He isn’t a terrorist. Yes, What he spoke at the audio launch is wrong! Shouldn’t we find fault with the Lady Anchor for asking such a question? Today, I have seen a shocking news Chalapathi Rao attempted suicide. I had tears in my eyes when I saw it. Some people were seeking a ban on Chalapathi Rao. Not even once did he misbehave with any woman in the Industry. He is a very jovial person in real life’.

‘Shows like Jabardasth have become so popular because of Double-Meaning. How many views and how much TRPs can be earned if we do a show without adult content or double meaning dialogues? You can ask anyone in the Industry about the character of Chalapathi Rao. So many elderly people in the Industry touch women inappropriately and ask them to come to their room in lunch break. Compared to them, Chalapathi Rao is a god. I would be happy if people who knew him for years come in support of him’.