Chalapathi Rao Vulgar Comment on Women!


Senior Telugu actor Chalapathi Rao has overtaken the likes of comedian Ali in making the most vulgar comments against women during star-studded and live telecast events.

Displaying how narrow minded he is when it comes to understand about women and how disrespectful and shameless he can go while speaking about women in public events, Chalapathi Rao allegedly inferred that women are good in bed only.

We know how popular Naga Chaitanya’s dialogue ‘Ammayilu Aarogyaniki Haanikaram (Girls are injurious to health)’ from the trailer of his upcoming movie ‘Ra Randoyi Veduka Chooddam’ has become among youth. During the film’s pre-release event held last evening in Hyderabad, the anchor of the event started asking the opinions of the guests on Chaitu’s satiric yet harmless dialogue on girls.

Everybody tried to give funny and pertinent answers but when the anchor, a woman, came all the way to Chalapathi Rao, addressing him as ‘Babai’, and asked him the same, the shameless actor said, ‘I don’t know if girls are injurious to health or not but they are good in bed (good for sex)’.

The crude comment of the senior actor against women made the anchor speechless. After a pause, she recollected herself and went away from him as quickly as she can. Shockingly, it wasn’t a crude joke as the actor wasn’t trying to be funny. He consciously made that vulgar comment and didn’t even bother to rectify it.