Chandi Movie Hyderabad Theaters List


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After a long wait Priyamani acted “Chandi” seeing the light of the day.The movie “Chandi” directed by Samudra will be Priyamani’s final result to decide whether she can stand in the film industry hoping further opportunities or not.Priyamani with acting talent and attractive physique to the opposite sex with a look of come on on her face somehow was kept at a distance by the producers and that has to be attributed to the bad luck of the beauty with hot sirens.

Chandi is a heroine based movie which is another reason to Priyamani to worry about it.  Other supporting actors are Sharat Babu, Krishnam Raju, Vinod Kumar, Posani Murali, Nagendra Babu, Ashit Vidyarthi, MS Naryana, Ali, Thagubothu Ramesh, Giribabu, Ranganath, Telangana Shakunthala and others.Even this move “Chandi” faced many hurdles in releasing it.  Now everything depends on the success of the movie for Priyamani’s future path.  Let us hope that she passes the test and appear on screens for some more time to come.

Chandi Movie Hyderabad Theaters