Charan Warns Chiru Haters


Charan-Warns-Chiru-HatersFresh from the release of Bruce Lee, Ram Charan is still busy promoting the film. In his latest interview, Charan spoke at length about his family, films and future plans. When the interviewer asked Cherry about the Bruce Lee release fiasco and its clash with Rudhramadevi, Charan set the records straight with a firm reply.

Charan warned the detractors saying that he can’t sit idle if anyone talks bad or make unjust comments about his dad. The doting son of Chiru said that he countered the allegations on his father only to safeguard him and that even his other family members would do the same in such situations.

Charan also said that he has now attained a maturity level where he is no longer perturbed by loose talks about him and that he is at ease ignoring them. “If we keep on giving explanations to everyone, we only bring down our standards to theirs and it is also a time-consuming process,” affirmed Charan.