Charmee – Jhansi Lakshmi? Posani fumes


Posani-FiresInterrogation of Film Personalities by Special Investigation Team (SIT) has become a much bigger issue after Ram Gopal Varma and Posani Krishna Murali entered the scene. While Varma is acting like representative of those who were grilled, Posani has been speaking in favour of Excise Officials.

Posani reacted seriously on the comment of Ram Gopal Varma describing Charmee Kaur as Jhansi Lakshmibai after she appeared before SIT. ‘People who have least knowledge about Jhansi Lakshmibai might speak in such manner. I can’t say anything about those who believes the Warrior Queen is like the one who danced for Yaire in ‘Rangeela’ or a club dancer,’ he said.

The Writer-turned-Character Artiste opined nobody would dare to target SIT if it uses it’s powers to the fullest. He questioned, ‘How can anybody accuse SIT of targeting Film Industry when just 11 people among lakhs of people dependent on films were questioned? If they have done nothing wrong, They will any how come out clean. What’s so wrong about questioning Film Celebs?’.